Our team

Peter Reinalter

Paragliding pilot since 2003 / flight coordinator and tandem pilot since 2006

Fortunately, I can live my enthusiasm for paragliding and make this great hobby my job. In addition to skiing, ski touring and cycling – all fantastic sports that I can practice in our mighty Tyrolean mountains – my favorite pastime is always flying.
I fly with my children, my wife and of course I like to fly alone with my solo glider.

For us pilots, there is nothing more beautiful than the smiles on our passengers’ faces after a wonderful tandem flight. Most of the time, the passengers are so enthusiastic after their flight adventure that they show me their appreciation in the form of great reviews. I can’t thank you enough for that.

Hubert J. Payr

Paragliding pilot since 1996 / tandem pilot since 2007

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the flight of birds, in my wildest dreams I have flown with them over the peaks of the Alps. With the rapid and safe development of paragliding equipment, this dream has become a reality. Sharing my enthusiasm for flying with other people is now one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

In my free time, too, I am always drawn to the air, whether in our beautiful Stubai mountains or in other beautiful spots in the Alps or Dolomites.

Stepan Koudelka

Stepan Koudelka

Paragliding pilot since 2019 / tandem pilot since 2021

As a child, outdoor activities were always a big part of my life. Even as a boy I liked to watch paragliders, but unfortunately I never got the chance to fly with them.

In 2018 my best friend got his license and that motivated me to start because I always dreamed of flying.

After getting my license, my whole life changed.

Since then I have had many positive experiences. That gave me the motivation to share these feelings with other people.

Justin Deisenroth

Paragliding pilot since 2013 / tandem pilot since 2015

I started paragliding in 2013. This is how I fulfilled my childhood dream.
For me, flying completes my passion for the mountains and means absolute freedom.

Because I wanted to share my enthusiasm for flying, I acquired my tandem license in 2015. After flying several times with my parents and they were more than thrilled, I felt like sharing this sense of freedom with more people.
I’m looking forward to flying with you too.

Tina Reinalter

Paragliding pilot since 2005 and responsible for administrative activities.

My husband’s hobby inspired me right from the start and although I’ve had my pilot’s license since 2005, I prefer to experience this feeling of happiness in a tandem.

So we can exchange our thoughts and I can sit back and enjoy comfortably. For me, flying means freedom, lightness and an indescribable feeling of happiness every time. It is my outlet to leave everyday life behind me and enter a world of adventure. I can best describe the feeling after every flight as “euphoria”. The problems become problems and you dive into the light-heartedness of the air.