All questions at a glance

The tension is rising… You have already booked a tandem paragliding flight with us, the date is getting closer and you still have a few unanswered questions? Here we have compiled all the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs for short, on the subject of tandem paragliding for you.

However, if your most important question is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by telephone on +43 (0)676 93 06 102. You are also welcome to send us a message. We try very hard to answer all questions as quickly as possible.

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How is the flight location agreed?

You can choose the flight area yourself. However, whether the flight area is ideal for tandem pargliding on the agreed flight day depends on the wind and weather. Therefore we ask you to call us the day before your paragliding tandem flight to confirm the flight and to discuss everything else. Please call us on +43 (0) 676 93 06 102 or send us a message via WhatsApp on +43 (0) 676 93 06 102.

How dangerous is tandem paragliding?

Due to technical progress (more durable, better materials, etc.) and the intensive training of pilots, paragliding has developed into a very safe sport in recent years.

What weight should I be?

There is no mandatory weight limit. However, for safety reasons, the passenger’s weight should be between 25 and 110kg.

Are there age restrictions for tandem flying?

No, there are no restrictions. In the case of underage passengers, however, a declaration of consent from a legal guardian is required. There are also no upper limits, but the passenger’s health condition must allow a flight. (no heart disease etc.)

What clothing is necessary?

It depends on the weather and the season. In any case, ankle-high, sturdy shoes are required. Otherwise, a windproof jacket and long trousers are usually sufficient in summer. In winter, for example, a ski suit can be used. Sunglasses and gloves are also recommended.

How long does a tandem flight last?

The entire process, including the meeting point, ascent to the lift, preparation, safety briefing and tandem flight, takes around 60 minutes. The pure flight time is 15 minutes +/- (depending on thermals) depending on wind and weather

Do I need any prior knowledge for a tandem flight?

No, no previous knowledge is required. We ensure the safe and smooth process so that you can fully enjoy the experience of flying.

Can spectators come along?

Of course, spectators can be present at take-off or landing.

Can I take my own photos while flying?

During the flight you have both hands free and are therefore welcome to take photos and films. However, we advise you to tie your camera securely.

What weather is suitable for flying?

In principle, we fly all year round, even in winter and in all conditions that allow a safe execution of a tandem flight. The sun does not necessarily have to shine for tandem flying. Even when the sky is overcast, we fly. The wind must not be too strong. We know exactly when you can fly and when not and will arrange the appointment with you in advance. Of course, like all outdoor sports, tandem flying is heavily dependent on the weather.

Is it possible to do a tandem flight despite being afraid of heights?

Yes. We have often found in our passengers that the fear of heights, such as that which occurs when you are standing on a cliff or a bridge, has nothing to do with the feeling of flying. Most passengers who were afraid of heights did not mind a tandem flight and were able to fully enjoy the flight.

Is it possible to do a tandem flight despite paraplegia?

Yes, that’s no reason against a tandem flight. The cable cars are barrier-free, as is the starting point. We are happy to respond to you and help you to fly high despite your wheelchair.